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> Hi,
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ( Marc) (A.) (Lehmann )> writes:
>> which is a severe shortcoming of the build environment (AFAIK, Msys
>> uses cygwin which is awfully slow due to a large number of
>> reasons).

MSYS does not depend on cygwin, BTW.  It's entirely standalone.  They
both have to implement fork() using Windows calls though, which can
never be efficient.

> This sounds like if you had a clue on what is causing the slowliness
> of running configure on Cygnus.  I recently compiled the Blinkenlights
> software on Windows and noticed this shortcoming as well. I wondered
> what might be the cause and if there are ways to work around it. Are
> there any?

>From what I've observed, it's mostly due to a very slow implementation
of fork().  It takes well over a second per fork, so gcc is slow due
to forking the compiler, preprocessor, assembler, collect2 etc.
configure is even slower (it takes over half an hour to run the
gimp-print configure script, c.f. 20 secs on Linux) since it forks
over 5000 processes.

Roger Leigh

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