Hi, Sven.

> In the days of GIMP 1.1.x  there used to be a
> script which aided in the updating of Script-Fu scripts from the 1.0
> API to the 1.1/1.2 API but I don't see one in the 1.3 CVS copy of GIMP.

This script still needs to be written. The header file gimpcompat.h is
probably the best source of information about the changes to the PDB.

I started my own set of notes about changes needed to Script-Fu's while I was updating them. I will take a look at the header file. I will also see if I can track down the old update script and have a go at updating it to handle the changes unless someone is already doing this.

> I have updated several logo oriented scripts and have noticed that
> text is positioned differently between the 1.2 and 1.3 versions of
This is a bug that Mitch fixed earlier today. See #129405 on bugzilla.

I will refresh my CVS copy of the GIMP later tonight, do a rebuild, and run some tests on the scripts myself. If the problem has been fixed, then I will have some additional scripts ready for the 1.3+ version of GIMP.


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