At 12:54 AM 12/17/2003, Marc Lehman wrote:
If you talk about scm2scm, it's part of the gimp-perl distro and

Thank you for the heads up, Marc. I found the old script.

If anybody wants to give it a try, I think modifying it for the 2.0 api
might take about as long as modifying the scripts manually :)

The scm2scm script looks overly complicated for what is needed. The changes between the 2.0 API from the 1.2 API appear to be only changes to the names of functions with the exception of three function calls which take a slightly different set of arguments.

I have already created an improved version of the plug-ins/script-fu/ (IIRC) script to handle the name changes. I will put a copy of it on my web site in case anyone else out there has scripts written for 1.2 they would like to update for use with the 2.0 GIMP.


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