Hi all,

Here's the list of names on the Friends of GIMP list at the
momenta The e-mail addresses I havce are from old changelogs and
mailing list archives (for obvious reasons I haven't included
them in the mail). If there are names I've forgotten, or e-mail addresses
which have changed in the last 3 years, or your name is on here
and you'd rather it not be, please send me a mail. I'm going to
be away for a few days, so don't be too worried if you don't get
an answer straight away.


Jay Cox
Tor Lilliqvist
Austin Donnelly
Garry R. Osgood
Nick Lamb
Owen Taylor
Larry Ewing
Andy Thomas
Adam Moss
Federico Mena Quintero
Kelly Martin
Zach Beane
Vidar Madsen
Adrian Likins
Rebecca (Bex) (sorry, forgotten her surname)
Shawn Amundsen
Seth Burgess
Chris Lahey

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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