>From: Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>A couple of people asked this question - I thought I'd explained the idea 
>pretty well, but I guess I missed the mark.

Gone with the wind?
How about changing the title of the list to "retired GIMP coders"?
Then everyone would know what you really mean.

Sooo... who would like to go through the list and ask if they
would have time to work with GIMP? Ask their employers if they
would sponsor GIMP project by allowing the people work on GIMP
a few hours a week?

Note the "coders" in the new title. The list excludes all those
who have contributed great ideas to the list, but who have
not coded.

If you really look for volunteers, then here I am. Anyone coder
would like to implement with me an alternative selection tool
(as existing tool seems to be practically unusable)? For the start...

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