David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Yeah! Good job. Now, it would be great if you managed to do the same
> for gimp-1.3.x. If all the necessary libs were ported too, we could even
> consider to include this in the main tree, WDYT?

Thanks, but John-Michael Mulesa deserves the credit. He did the work of
getting GIMP to build on Aqua, with just a little help from the rest of us
when he encountered a few problems. He also wrote the HOWTO.

I'd be surprised if you want to include an experimental version of GTK in
the GIMP CVS tree, but not my project. What you guys do with GIMP is your
business. Our HOWTO does point out some minor problems encountered in the
GIMP 1.2 code when compiling with GTK+OSX that you may want to fix.

With regard to Dave Neary's question about a GTK2 port to Aqua, nobody is
working on that. Before launching the GTK+OSX project I contacted Owen
Taylor to find out if somebody else was already working on any GTK Aqua port
so we wouldn't need to. He said there were no plans and encouraged us to
pursue GTK2. GTK+OSX took over an abandoned half-done GTK1 port to OS/9. We
weren't willing to accept the setback of starting over with GTK2. Perhaps
after the GTK1 port is complete people will want to continue to a port of


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