"Robin Rowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Everyone is aware from reading our HOWTO that GIMP 1.2 has already been
> built natively for the Mac with almost no changes to GIMP. What few changes
> were made were bug-fixes to your code. To suggest basing GTK+OSX on the
> Quartz API could somehow eliminate errors in your code would be total
> nonsense!

Sorry, but I didn't say that. I was replying to David since I got the
impression that he believed that major changes to the GIMP code were
necessary to build this. Not all readers of the list will read the URL
you posted here and might have gotten a wrong impression.

> As documented in our HOWTO, GIMP code is using quote marks instead
> of angle brackets when including some GTK library header files. That
> should not work.  I'm guessing that your build system is lax enough
> on other operating systems to let you get away with this obvious
> mistake.

The usual way to report such a problem is to file a bug-report.
Posting an URL and have people figure out it from point (15) isn't
that helpful. I had a quick look at the 1.3 tree and indeed there are
three plug-ins doing this mistake. I am about to fix this right now.

> > Unfortunately the people behind gtk-osx so far didn't show
> > any interest in doing a port to GTK+-2.0. This is a little irritating
> > considered that porting GDK-2.x would haven been much easier, let
> > along more useful.
> As I'm the official project leader for GTK+OSX and posted here
> representing "the people behind gtk-osx", I expect everyone knows
> exactly who it is you are criticisizing. It's pretty weird that you
> talk about me like I'm not here.

No idea why you feel offended here. Since I don't know exactly who's
involved, I thought "the people behind gtk-osx" was a good
description. If it's just you being "the man behind gtk-osx", let me
stand corrected, This doesn't change my opinion on the port. I'd still
would welcome if someone ported GTK2 to Mac OS X. I got the impression
that the people / the man behind gtk-osc are/is probably not very
interested in doing such a port basically because it doesn't fit on
the roadmap, For this reason, I will continue to encourage people to
give it a try.

At the moment GTK+ is moving towards a new drawing engine which seems
to resemble the Quartz way of drawing a lot better than the current
drawing functions that basically wrap the XLib way of doing things.
This should be considered when attempting a GTK2 port. It might make
sense to base the port on the new drawing engine.


PS: This email states the authors personal opinion. Nothing else,
    nothing more. Don't let this get into another flamewar.

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