> GIMP wouldn't need to be touched if there was a Quartz port of
> GTK+-2.0.

Everyone is aware from reading our HOWTO that GIMP 1.2 has already been
built natively for the Mac with almost no changes to GIMP. What few changes
were made were bug-fixes to your code. To suggest basing GTK+OSX on the
Quartz API could somehow eliminate errors in your code would be total

As documented in our HOWTO, GIMP code is using quote marks instead of angle
brackets when including some GTK library header files. That should not work.
I'm guessing that your build system is lax enough on other operating systems
to let you get away with this obvious mistake.

> Unfortunately the people behind gtk-osx so far didn't show
> any interest in doing a port to GTK+-2.0. This is a little irritating
> considered that porting GDK-2.x would haven been much easier, let
> along more useful.

As I'm the official project leader for GTK+OSX and posted here representing
"the people behind gtk-osx", I expect everyone knows exactly who it is you
are criticisizing. It's pretty weird that you talk about me like I'm not

Nobody has ever accused you of having a lot of class, but couldn't you
surprise us just once by reacting positively when somebody from our team
does something that benefits your project? Couldn't you say it is nice that
we took the trouble to build GIMP with GTK+OSX, that building GIMP natively
on a new platform is cool, that creating a GIMP HOWTO and reporting the
errors we encountered in your code was helpful?

Must you always respond to others' efforts with fallacious criticism and
condescending unsought advice?

> Perhaps some of the effort put into this project
> can be reused to do a GTK+-2.0 port. Judging from my experience with
> the DirectFB port, doing such a port shouldn't be too hard for someone
> who has experience with GDK and Quartz. As far as I know the Quartz
> API is Objective-C, so some expertise with combining Objective-C and C
> would certainly be helpful.

So, it would be easy for us if we would merely learn an unfamiliar
programming language that you don't even know yourself? You're funny! ;-)


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