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   Date: 26 Dec 2003 18:59:57 +0100

   I don't use Mac OS X myself but I regulary get the chance to watch
   people using it and to talk to them. Lately I even got involved in
   writing software for it. My impression is that in order to make
   GIMP a success on Mac OS X, it isn't that important to have a GTK+
   port that runs natively on Quartz. Mac OS X nowadays ships with a
   decent X server that integrates quite nicely into the Aqua desktop
   (there are some issues here but they could be solved). If you
   install Xcore (the Mac OS X development environment) you get Darwin
   ports which closely resembles the well known BSD ports system. With
   this setup it is amazingly easy to get GIMP up and running. All you
   do is to enter "ports install gimp" and leave your Mac alone for
   some time while it compiles and installs all the necessary
   software. This gives you gimp-1.2.5. GIMP-1.3 isn't included in the
   ports system yet but I expect this to happen soon after we do the
   2.0 release. Perhaps we can even speed this up if someone
   contributes a ports file for 1.3. The prerequisites are certainly
   there already. "ports install gtk2" works flawlessly and provides
   you with GTK+ version 2.2.3 and recent versions of all the software
   it depends on.

One comment I've seen reading through various OS X forums about
Gimp-Print is that the packaging is important.  An experienced Mac
person built an OS X package for us that runs a traditional OS X
installer, and people appreciate not being forced to use the command
line.  Even having to type "ports install gimp" -- or more likely
"sudo ports install gimp" -- will turn off the hardened Macintosh user
community.  These folks are even more command-line averse than Windows

If you want acceptance on OS X, I *strongly* suggest doing a proper
disk image package (a .dmg file is a filesystem image) that installs
everything required (gtk, gdk, glib, all the plugins, and then does
all of the necessary configuration).  I also recommend building a
binary package; compiling requires installation of the developer tools
(400 MB download) and is quite slow.

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