Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> One comment I've seen reading through various OS X forums about
> Gimp-Print is that the packaging is important.  An experienced Mac
> person built an OS X package for us that runs a traditional OS X
> installer, and people appreciate not being forced to use the command
> line.  Even having to type "ports install gimp" -- or more likely
> "sudo ports install gimp" -- will turn off the hardened Macintosh user
> community.  These folks are even more command-line averse than Windows
> users.

I hadn't this impression but most probably I don't know the typical
Mac user...

One good thing about the Darwin ports system is that it's trivial to
build a DMG image from a port. So if we get gimp-2.0 into the ports
system we instantly have a way to build a full-featured Mac OS X
installer from it.

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