Am Fre, den 26.12.2003 schrieb Sven Neumann um 21:49:

> there's another thing I forgot to mention that might be worth to look
> into when it comes to GIMP on Mac OS X. The new compositing code that
> Helvetix added already provides the framework for making use of
> Altivec instructions. If someone has access to a G4/G5 and has some
> experience with this stuff, it shouldn't be hard to add Altivec code
> for the most common compositing routines.

All pixel data needs to be aligned on 128bit boundaries to be useful for
AltiVec. Last time I looked we couldn't even ensure 32bit alignment
(which means that every major platform suffers a lot). While it is
possible to realign unaligned data with AltiVec, this is not very
efficient for small amounts or non-continuous regions for simple


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