David GÃmez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've scanned some jpeg images with a 24bit depth. Some of them are old
> photographies in black&white that show 'bands' when are displayed on
> a 16 bit depth display. After digging in the menus i noticed that the
> image could be transformed to a indexed pallete, with a Floyd-Steinberg
> dithering, but that did not solve nothing, the maximum number of colors
> cannot be set to more that 256 :-/. Is there another way to dither an
> image in gimp? Programs like gqview, an image viewer, use the dither
> algorithms bundled with gdx_pixbuf in gtk2, and they work perfectly with
> the same images. Why cannot the gimp do the same quality dithering if
> it's using the same library?

The GIMP display canvas uses the dithering routines from GdkRGB which
is probably what you are refering to. Of course this does only affect
the display, not the image data. I am not sure but I think I remember
a plug-in that could apply dithering to RGB images w/o converting to
Indexed colors.


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