Hi Yosh ;),

> > The GIMP display canvas uses the dithering routines from GdkRGB which
> > is probably what you are refering to. Of course this does only affect
> > the display, not the image data. I am not sure but I think I remember
> > a plug-in that could apply dithering to RGB images w/o converting to
> > Indexed colors.
> Actually, gqview defaults to GDK_RGB_DITHER_NORMAL whereas gimp uses
> GDK_RGB_DITHER_MAX always, which should theoretically do a better job.

It should, certainly.

> Maybe you could put up a sample image somewhere so we can see what exactly
> the problem is?

You're right, that would be the best. Please get it from:


It's has a size of 2.80Mb.

Hmmm..., don't bother to download it ;), i'm starting to see the cause
of my problem. The image is quite big (2100x2800) and when the image
is scaled to fit in the screen, the ugly 'bands' appears, but they aren't
visible with a 1:1 zoom. I've scaled down the image and the bands are not
there now.

So it seems the problem is with the zoom. When a big image is fitted to
the screen size, it doesn't look nice (you know, bands ;)). What confused
me was that gqview, with the same image size, fitted it to the screen 
size and no bands were drawed...

I think now is time for the gimp gurus to solve this zoom thing, i'll 
leave the image in the URL above some time in case somebody is interested ;)

Thanks all for your help ;),


David Gómez

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