Am Mit, den 21.01.2004 schrieb Adam D. Moss um 20:28:

> > In OSX many applications tend to provide a quick redraw for pannings
> > but start a timer which will refine the display once it was static
> > for a while.

> Hee hee... it's interesting how things can come full-circle.
> GIMP 0.5[34] did something very similar to provide a quick-render
> for interactive operations, re-rendering the results more nicely
> on the idle thread (undithered vs. dithered rather than
> aliased vs. interpolated, but for the same reasons).

This would be my favourite solution rather than hope that the CPU is
fast enough and someone wrote optimized code just to render a view that
a human eye won't be able to trace in real-time anyway.


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