> is there any hope for tablet (with pressure sensitivity at least)
> support in win port of the gimp?

The issue isn't in the Windows port of *GIMP*. I am rather certain the
problems are in the Windows backend in *GTK* (GDK). It needs to have
some loving care applied to its tablet support. If it would work
better, the existing tablet support in GIMP presumably would work fine
as such also on Windows.

It's mostly a question of inspiration and resources (access to a
tablet and time). I do have a tablet (have had for a long time), but
to tell the truth I rarely use it. I might have the inspiration. But,
very seldom do I have time for one of those several hours long
concentrated intense hacking sessions that I assume would be needed.
And when I have such time, there always seems to be some other, more
urgent, bug that needs fixing ;-)

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