It's mostly a question of inspiration and resources (access to a
tablet and time). I do have a tablet (have had for a long time), but
to tell the truth I rarely use it. I might have the inspiration. But,
very seldom do I have time for one of those several hours long
concentrated intense hacking sessions that I assume would be needed.
And when I have such time, there always seems to be some other, more
urgent, bug that needs fixing ;-)

this bug stops many users from using gimp. i think it is very serious and need to be repaired ASAP.
but i do not have the coding skills necessary to do it :o( so it seems i have to learn. but it will take
a very long time to learn enough to be able to contribute code to the gimp

BTW i would like to contribute to Gimp development now. Is there any need for translations or something like that?
I can translate to Czech language, I am very experienced Gimp user on both windows and linux and I have written
many tutorials for Gimp.
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