David Neary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> In my mind, the priority for the GIMP now is to play catch-up to
> Photoshop.

> Robin Rowe wrote:
> > The software we seek to surpass is Photoshop.
> As I have said, that is also our target.

I beg to differ. My personal goal is to have as much fun as possible
while developing useful software.

I don't want to play catch-up with a company that easily has
the resources to dump a lot of new functionality in Photoshop by
snapping with the fingers and buying/integrating some other piece of
software. Doesn't sound like much fun.

I don't want to "have to" implement a feature I don't like, just because
we want to do a copy of PS. I want to develop my own ideas

Thanks for listening  :-)

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