On 18 Feb 2004, at 23:04, David Neary wrote:
> Robin Rowe wrote:

> > The software we seek to surpass is Photoshop.
> As I have said, that is also our target. With all due respect, I
> believe we are moving closer to that target, faster, than
> Cinepaint.

Since GIMP and CinePaint aim at completely different markets, I am 
not sure you can make such a comparison easily. Clearly, Photoshop is 
trying to envelop all kinds of niche markets that it has been very 
weak in traditionally, such as web graphics creation and film 
editing, so it automatically becomes a competitor of GIMP and 
CinePaints in these areas, where our applications excel. But even 
then, that does not make CinePaint and GIMP each other's competitors, 
as they're only competing with PS in certain fields.

branko collin
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