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> The GIMP 2.0 is getting out AnytimeNow(tm). After that, GIMP 2.2 with
> a lot of enhancements, but no changes on the bit depths (but according
> to what I've heard from the GEGL guys, with a little GEGL already in)
> should follow in 6 months or so.

Yes, that's basically the short-term plan.
> An them, in about one year, which IMHO is optimistic seeing the pace
> for the 2.0 release, there would be a GIMP 3.0 whith full support to
> other bit depths and color spaces, due to full integration with GEGL.

I would rather expect more 2.x releases than another major version
jump with another 3 year development cycle. Now that the code is quite
well organized, we should be able to carefully add new features
without giving up stability. This will allow us to a more frequent
stable releases. Our users will benefit from this since they get
access to new features shortly after they are introduced. However,
more detailed plans for the time after the 2.2 are supposed to be made
at this years GIMP developers conference.

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