here's a short list of things that need to be looked at before 2.0.
Perhaps we should have bug-reports for these...

- gimp.spec should not be in the tarball

  That's what Ville, Yosh and me think would be best. Need to remove
  gimp.spec from configure.in and somehow substitute things by other
  means.  Ville promised to look at this in time.

- need a final splash image

  I am counting on Jimmac to drop a final version into CVS.

- review debug output

  I think we removed most of it or put it into GIMP_UNSTABLE #ifdef's.
  But it would be a good idea to check if there's anything left. Not
  that it would really hurt but it just doesn't look professional.

- test help and if it works, remove or #ifdef debug output

  The new help plug-in has code that used to live in the helpbrowser
  plug-in. Brix moved it into a plug-in of its own so that the
  webbrowser can be used to access the help pages. This has been done
  after pre4. Seems to work fine, but should see some more testing
  especially on windows. There's massive debug output in there that
  shouldn't end up in the final version.

- consider to add localization support to the help system

  The API is in-place, so we can easily do this for 2.0.1 but it would
  of course be nice to get this into 2.0. Simply because there is
  translated help available already but at the moment it cannot be
  used from The GIMP. Mitch wanted to look at this.

Did I miss anything? I certainly did...

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