I've now checked in my changes to the GIMP help system that make it
possible to use help written in the user's language. This closes bug
#136996. Here's a short explanation of the implementation:

I've added a gimprc token called "help-locales". This isn't exposed
anywhere in the GUI yet and it defaults to NULL. But it should allow
us to configure things in a more flexible way later. If you want to
play with this, you can for example request help in french, swedish,
german, english with descending priority by adding the following line
to your gimprc:

   (help-locales "fr:sv:de:en")

In case this new option is not set, the locale is taken from the
user's environment.

When a help page is requested, the help is searched in the list of
locales. In case no matching reference was found, a fallback reference
is searched in a second walk over the locales. If there's still no
help, the help plug-in checks if the default help domain (en) is
available at all and will try to give a helpful error message.

It would be nice if the gimp-help-2 team could add pages for missing
help content and add <help-missing ref="help-not-found.html" /> or
similar to the gimp-help.xml files for the different languages. As
soon as these fallback pages are available, it would be nice to have a
new help snapshot that people can install with 2.0rc1 to give this
stuff some testing.

I already changed the Makefile in the gimp-help-2 module to install
the help files according to the new scheme that we discussed here

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