raymond ostertag <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The third and good solution for me is to redefine the ID's in
> gimphelp-ids.h with the gimp-help team and avoid to do this like a
> mechanical stuff.

Sorry, but this is not an option. The help IDs are defined by the
application, not by the help authors. The help authors are free to map
several help IDs to the same page. Actually I don't see your problem
with the help IDs. To me they seem well choosen. They allow to provide
very fine-grained help but thanks to the mapping file (gimp-help.xml),
the help authors are not forced to provide help for each and every
help ID.

> I did'nt test anything until now but because some ID's are going very
> deap in our help files and I don't think that we can define the same ID
> in different place

Of course you can do that. What makes you think you couldn't?

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