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> In GIMP we added help IDs to all dialogs, all menu entries and some
> more GUI elements. They are all defined in app/widgets/gimphelp-ids.h,
> so here we have a complete list of all IDs.
> (1) What should happen when an ID cannot be mapped to an URL? At the
>     moment we open a dialog to inform the user that the help-id is
>     unknown. That's pretty confusing for the casual user and I think
>     we can agree that this should not happen.
>     I can think of two solutions for this problem:
>     (a) Make sure that gimp-help-2 provides URLs for all IDs. Not
>         necessarily unique URLs. All IDs for that no help exists could
>         point to the same URL.
>     (b) Extend the gimp-help.xml format to allow to specify a fallback
>         URL that should be used when no other mapping is given.
>     The second solution seems to make more sense since it's easy to
>     miss an ID and we might want to add more IDs at any time.
The third and good solution for me is to redefine the ID's in
gimphelp-ids.h with the gimp-help team and avoid to do this like a
mechanical stuff. I'll certainly vote for (a) after that.

I did'nt test anything until now but because some ID's are going very
deap in our help files and I don't think that we can define the same ID
in different place, then we propbaly  will face some problem when a ID
point just to a PARA/P or LISTITEM/LI that already exist in many
languages at different places in the same file.
And when it's just a LISTITEM/LI for me it's not interresting that the
Gimp-app point there because there is probably nothing interresting in
the doc.
Instead of adapting the gimp-help to a mechanical list , it's better to
rewrite the gimphelp-ids.h together, my opinion. Well I decided to stop
to write any content for the gimp-help, so may be my opinion don't count

>     (b) Try to get help from the 'C' branch of gimp-help-2. There
>         might exist english help for this topic and we could show the
>         user the english help page. In case there's also no english
>         help, it would probably be best to do what I suggested in (a)
>         and in case there's no fallback URL for the french version, as
>         a last resort use the fallback URL for C.
I don't think it's possible to have french/german/swedish content
without the english version. We decided to avoid this. You can go this
way who seems really nice to me. 

>     I am undecided here. Since I speak english quite well, I would of
>     course prefer to get english help if no german help is
>     available. But what about the casual user? Should we present
>     english help to her or would it be better to say, sorry, there's
>     no help written in your language?
Show english content.
The exception is the Glossary where each langage will have it's own


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