Sven Neumann wrote:
People will soon start to ask why GIMP 2.0 doesn't use the new
filechooser yet. Not sure how we would best react to this.

We should just say that GTK+ 2.4 is not out yet, and we can't base stable software on an unstable toolkit. Especially since we've been in a pre-release freeze for 3 months.

Should we promote Mitch's patches?

No harm in that.

If we do that we will most likely very soon
see binary GIMP2 packages showing up that have these patches included.
Mitch, what do you think? Would that be a problem at all?

I doubt that. Especially since the sources we'll provide will only require gtk+ 2.2. The target, I guess, is to have a GIMP based on 2.4 around the time where distros start shipping GNOME 2.6. Which will probably be towards the end of the Summer.


Dave Neary

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