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Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> We should just say that GTK+ 2.4 is not out yet, and we can't base
> stable software on an unstable toolkit. Especially since we've been in
> a pre-release freeze for 3 months.

By the time that GIMP 2.0 is release, GTK+ 2.4 will be released as
well. We might be able to be release a few days earlier, or it might
happen the other way around.

> > If we do that we will most likely very soon
> > see binary GIMP2 packages showing up that have these patches included.
> > Mitch, what do you think? Would that be a problem at all?
> I doubt that. Especially since the sources we'll provide will only
> require gtk+ 2.2. The target, I guess, is to have a GIMP based on 2.4
> around the time where distros start shipping GNOME 2.6. Which will
> probably be towards the end of the Summer.

Distros will start shipping GNOME 2.6 shortly after it has been
released and the release schedule for GNOME 2.6 says March 22nd. This
date will have to be corrected due to the delayed GTK+-2.4 release but
I think we can expect a GNOME 2.6 release in early April.

Thus, we should face the fact that at least some distros will make
their GIMP 2.0 packages depend on GTK+-2.4 and ship with these patches

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