On Mar 11, 2004, at 4:52 pm, Dave Neary wrote:

So who does that leave? I'm not sure what Suse's release schedule is, but based on the above, the first mainstream distro with GNOME 2.6 in a release will be either Fedora Core 2 in May, or Mandrake in August or September. That is, unless Debian decide to have a surprise stable release in May or June with GNOME 2.6 in it.

2.6 will very likely not be included in the next release of SUSE linux. The release after will probably be 7-9 months after the current release which I would assume to happen in 1-2 months from now.

So either the unlikely case happens that they will put it in
their latest release maybe with help from Ximian or it will
first occur in the distribution almost a year from now.

DISCLAIMER: Except from claim that 2.6 will miss the next
release based on the assumption that they already are in
featurefreeze everything else is really guesswork. I do
not have any insider information....


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