Sven Neumann wrote:
The target, I guess, is to have a GIMP based on 2.4
around the time where distros start shipping GNOME 2.6. Which will
probably be towards the end of the Summer.

Distros will start shipping GNOME 2.6 shortly after it has been released and the release schedule for GNOME 2.6 says March 22nd. This date will have to be corrected due to the delayed GTK+-2.4 release but I think we can expect a GNOME 2.6 release in early April.

Thus, we should face the fact that at least some distros will make
their GIMP 2.0 packages depend on GTK+-2.4 and ship with these patches

If distributions choose to do that we certainly won't stop them. I think that we could also encourage distributions to use development releases if they're releasing GNOME 2.6 - we're planning on keeping the development releases more or less always releasable, so this could be possible.

I think that you're being optimistic to say that distris will ship with GNOME 2.6 as soon as it hits 2.6 - even if it's out in early April (and I have no doubt that it will be), the release schedules for the distros are not going to coincide so that Mandrake 11 comes out a week afterwards with GNOME 2.6 in there. Optimistically, GNOME 2.6 will start appearing in stable distro releases 2 to 3 months after it's released. Which brings us to June or July.

It looks like gnome 2.6 will probably not make it into Fedora Core 2 (which is due out in May, but should be frozen by the time GNOME 2.6 comes out) - since Mandrake 10 just came out I don't think Mandrake 11 will be for a few months, and Debian aren't really that bothered about releases bug GNOME'll be in testing before the end of April.

So who does that leave? I'm not sure what Suse's release schedule is, but based on the above, the first mainstream distro with GNOME 2.6 in a release will be either Fedora Core 2 in May, or Mandrake in August or September. That is, unless Debian decide to have a surprise stable release in May or June with GNOME 2.6 in it.


Dave Neary

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