I'd like to give an update on the list of open issues that I posted
two days ago...

> - gimp.spec should not be in the tarball


> - need a final splash image

I've opened a bug report for this
Got no feedback yet but I am not (yet) worried...

> - review debug output

Has been addressed and seems completed.

> - test help and if it works, remove or #ifdef debug output
>   The new help plug-in has code that used to live in the helpbrowser
>   plug-in. Brix moved it into a plug-in of its own so that the
>   webbrowser can be used to access the help pages. This has been done
>   after pre4. Seems to work fine, but should see some more testing
>   especially on windows. There's massive debug output in there that
>   shouldn't end up in the final version.

I haven't received any feedback yet, so I assume that it is working
for everyone? The debug output should probably stay for now. It might
be useful in case that we address the i18n issues with the help system.

> - consider to add localization support to the help system
>   The API is in-place, so we can easily do this for 2.0.1 but it would
>   of course be nice to get this into 2.0. Simply because there is
>   translated help available already but at the moment it cannot be
>   used from The GIMP. Mitch wanted to look at this.

I've explained this in more detail in other mails and it seems that we
probably want to change the install location of the gimp-help.xml
files. This should happen before 2.0 gets out. So I'd like to treat
this a bug that should be fixed before 2.0 but it should not be
considered a blocker. If we don't get around to it, we will have to
live with the way it's done right now.

This is being tracked in http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=136996

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