Michael Natterer wrote:
Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

We could even consider having a quickish stable release after 2.2 with
just GeglImage replacing GimpLayer, which would give us a chance to
work out any wrinkles in that milestone before we start really relying
on it...

GeglImage can't replace GimpLayer, it can only replace TileManager.
GEGL's scope is not to provide a replacement for GIMP's highlevel
object system (GimpImage, GimpDrawable etc) but only for the lowlevel
pixel storage buffers and the operations on/between them.

What I mean is that everywhere it makes sense to _delegate_ to gegl structures things should be made to do so. I did misspeak about GimpImage, I know it is not similar to a GeglImage (more like a graph or somesuch). GimpImage and GimpLayer just need to be modified to do their image processing work with GeglNodes.


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