Aaron Voisine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Okay... The sourceforge mirrors were taking a long time to get the dmg
> images, and they were very slow to download from anyway, so I changed
> the links on http://gimp-app.sourceforge.net to point to
> osdn.dl.sourceforge.net This is fast and has the most recent files
> immediately and also makes the page simpler since there is no
> intermediate mirror selection page. Normally I would use the mirrors,
> but the main site seems to have the least load by far.
> Also I realized that I mistakenly left a large tar file containing all
> the compiled dependencies inside the 2.0 app bundle... oops. Now the
> image for 2.0 is about 25MB instead of 50. heh... In any case. Now
> it's really ready to be linked to from gimp.org, in case someone
> checked it earlier and couldn't download the images. Has anyone tried
> it with 10.2 yet?

Before we can link to it, you definitely should add a link to the
source code you used to build the packages. It would also be nice to
have instructions on how to build such an application bundle from
scratch. I think the web-team will happily add a link to the macintosh
page then.

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