The picture of wilbur at the top is a link to
I used fink to do the compile... The only code I wrote
was a pair of shell scripts which are in the bundle.

I've added a link to Platypus, which is a GPL program
I used for the droppable cocoa-based wrapper around the
shell scripts.

Basically I just compiled it with the fink, moved all
the files and dependencies inside an app bundle
created with platypus, and modified the start up
script to start up X11 and set some environment
variables so gimp can find its plugins and shared
object files.


I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

Before we can link to it, you definitely should add a link to the
source code you used to build the packages. It would also be nice to
have instructions on how to build such an application bundle from
scratch. I think the web-team will happily add a link to the macintosh
page then.


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