V St 31. 03. 2004 v 12:56 -0700 píše Bowie J. Poag:

> 1) GIMP's file dialog automatically generate previews of images smaller 
> than 2MB, by default.
> 2) An entry in the Preferences dialog where the user can control the 
> Preview file-size threshold... how small an image has to be in order to 
> qualify for auto-previewing.  As I mentioned, give it a default of maybe 
> 2MB or so...Small enough that the file in question to be loaded quickly, 
> and without much resource-hogging.

The preferences dialog is already approaching being too complex. Even
for a complex application such as the GIMP, one should try to limit
unnecersary settings and replace those with sane defaults. GNOME has a
nice workaround of using gconf keys and not exposing some advanced
settings in the setting dialogs at all. Power tweakers can still enjoy
tweaking while the UI remains readable for the rest of us.

I know creating a new dependancy (gconf) is probably out of question for
GIMP, but the fact that crowding the UI remains a negative thing to do

I find the current behaviour good enough (TM) and definitely not more
important that the gazillion other enhancement requests in the bugzilla.
You can generate thumbnails outside GIMP, since it implemented the
freedesktop thumbnail standard* and other apps support it already. Also
you have the option to select multiple files within the file selector
and generate thumbnails for the selection.

If a "smart thumbnail generator" is to be implemented, I strongly
suggest it to be smart enough not to expose new settings for it in the

Another thing I wanted to suggest. I would volunteer to HIGify the
preference dialogs if you guys would find a glade file (probably a
window per-setting node in the tree) useful. I know a libglade
dependency is out of question again, but perhaps the C code it generates
would save some time? Otherwise I can just do image mockups.


* http://triq.net/~jens/thumbnail-spec/index.html
Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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