Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Another thing I wanted to suggest. I would volunteer to HIGify the
> > preference dialogs if you guys would find a glade file (probably a
> > window per-setting node in the tree) useful. I know a libglade
> > dependency is out of question again, but perhaps the C code it
> > generates would save some time? Otherwise I can just do image
> > mockups.

I forgot to mention that Glade is not able to generate the code we
need for the prefs dialog. The dialog makes heavy use of what we call


These functions get a pointer to the GimpRc object, the name of the
gimprc setting and return a widget that is completely setup and
doesn't need to have any callbacks connected. We use this in a lot of
other places like for example the tool-options.

So, even though the prefs dialog may look complex, the code is
actually rather straight-forward.

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