Dave Neary ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Markus Triska wrote:
> >Also, I find the picture of the wet baby in the "Screen Shots" section 
> >rather annoying. I mean, it's not the baby's fault, but I think that with 
> >all the stuff going on in Europe (Dutroux), placing a half-naked kid with 
> >amateur lightning in this section is not a matter of particularly good 
> >taste. Maybe it would be good to show more neutral photographs, like skies 
> >and landscapes etc. that are bright and where's much to look at.
> The baby is my son, I didn't think of any negative connotations, but indeed 
> I wasn't thinking "that way". Given your comments and the way you saw it, I 
> will take them down. I'm not sure where screenshot submissions should go 
> though - perhaps someone else will pipe up with ideas about that?

I don't think that taking down the screenshot in question is necessary
at all. In fact I believe that it would be counterproductive to do so.

The Photo in question is a perfectly normal baby photo. It is funny to
look at. It doesn't expose any private parts and I actually don't get
how one can make a connection to the Dutroux case. I don't think that we
should stop showing baby photos, just because some sick people might get
weird ideas when looking at these photos.

When doing so we also should stop using photos of forests, because
people could die in horrible fires in there, we should stop using photos
of deserts, because people might get exposed there by terrorists and
die a horrible death, and we should not show photos of skies, because
skies are the things where planes drop out and crash into buildings.

I think that babies are probably one of the most human things out there
and we should not stop showing things that basically define humanity,
just because there are some people that did horrible things to babies.

That having said: If Dave wants to remove the image he of course can and
has the right to. But I think it would be utterly wrong to do it just
for the reason given by Marcus.

Thanks for listening.

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