Sven Neumann wrote:
Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
There is Selection->Copy Visible which essentially does just that.

I would never have found that in a million years. Would it be possible/desirable to duplicate this function in the Layers menu (Layers->Copy Visible or wherever) which creates a new layer which is a combination of the visible ones?

"Selection->Copy Visible" is next to "Selection->Copy". That's IMO the perfect place and it does certainly not belong into the Layer menu. You might not have noticed, but there is no "Layers" menu at all.

Still don't see it. I thought the Copy & Paste items were in the Edit menu anyway? And my point is that I would never have associated "create 1 layer containing the merging of the visible layers" to be in the Selection menu. That is clearly (for this usage) something you expect to find in the Layers dock context menu, and perhaps the Layer menu.

You still haven't said if this is in 2.0.x or HEAD - if you're talking about HEAD, then I am not able to verify what you're saying. Where was this reorganisation of the menus discussed? Or if it wasn't discussed, where's the document outlining how it will be now?


Dave Neary

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