Hi Marcus,

I'm forwarding your mail to the developers list for two reasons.

First, it's a major problem that people feel obliged to mail people off-list because they are "safe" to talk to and this is something that we need to talk about urgently. For the benefit of the people on the list, this is not the first time this has happened. It seems like I get mail from people weekly from people who have valid points to raise, but are intimidated by the list.

Second, I have been very occupied recently in real life, and will have very little time to consecrate to the gimp over the coming months, so I'm sure that there are other people better placed to answer your queries.

For that reason, I'm leaving your entire mail intact, as well as adding my comments inline.


Markus Triska wrote:

Dear Dave!

First, let me explain my greatest thanks and admiration for Gimp 2.0. You all did a great job.

I'm writing you because from following the mailing list I got the impression that you are someone that I can contact "safely" with my issues:

I have beein playing around with Gimp for some time now, and one procedure I apply every once in a while is to make a copy of each visible layer and merge them to a new one (as a means comparable to "CVS tagging" - to mark and save a stage of development). In fact, I have beein wondering why this is not an option in the layer context menu (like "copy visible and merge those") - is there maybe a better way to do this? I use it also when I need a filter to operater on the whole picture ("all layers").

I don't see a way that this could be nicely implemented in the interface - "duplicate all layers" doesn't seem like an operation which would be very common or useful for most people, but perhaps a "merge visible layers (and keep old layers) option would be useful...

As an aside, applying a filter to several layers at once works would be useful, and should (in the first instance) work on linked layers, and later work on layer groups (when we have them). The best way to have this scheduled by someone is to create a bugzilla report for it, and bring it up here on the list for implementation ideas and advice.

Also, I find the picture of the wet baby in the "Screen Shots" section rather annoying. I mean, it's not the baby's fault, but I think that with all the stuff going on in Europe (Dutroux), placing a half-naked kid with amateur lightning in this section is not a matter of particularly good taste. Maybe it would be good to show more neutral photographs, like skies and landscapes etc. that are bright and where's much to look at.

The baby is my son, I didn't think of any negative connotations, but indeed I wasn't thinking "that way". Given your comments and the way you saw it, I will take them down. I'm not sure where screenshot submissions should go though - perhaps someone else will pipe up with ideas about that?

Best regards,
Markus Triska.


Dave Neary

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