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> > I honestly am not sure what the process for moving code to libgimp
> > is...  essentially it is just moving the code to a library, and
> > then adding a wrapper (if required) around those functions to
> > expose them to the PDB.
> Good technical anwer, thanks.

Well, the answer was technically incorrect since it's the PDB and
libgimp that's a wrapper around code in the core, not the other way

> I'm also wondering from a license standpoint. The code in app is
> GPL, but libgimp is LGPL. I'm not a lawyer, but it would seem that
> to change the code license from GPL that GIMP would need to get
> permission from all authors, or reserve the right to change the
> license later. Sven has said in the past that he often checks in
> patches in his own name in CVS, that GIMP does not keep exact
> records of who its authors are.

Sorry, but that's not true. Whenever I check code into CVS I mention
the authors explicitely so it's completely possible to track the
authors by looking at the CVS log.
> How do you get permission to move GIMP code from GPL into LGPL?

Basically we do this so rarely that is hasn't been a problem so far to
get permissions from everyone who touched the code in question.

May I ask why you are asking these questions?

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