Sven Neumann wrote:
"Robin Rowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I honestly am not sure what the process for moving code to libgimp
is...  essentially it is just moving the code to a library, and
then adding a wrapper (if required) around those functions to
expose them to the PDB.

Good technical anwer, thanks.

Well, the answer was technically incorrect since it's the PDB and libgimp that's a wrapper around code in the core, not the other way around.

Oops. At least I qualified it by saying I wasn't sure what was involved :)

My understanding came from looking at libgimpthumb, which was added into 2.0 - what's in libgimpthumb looks to me like a complete implementation of the thumbnail spec, as opposed to PDB wrapper code. Ah - looking at the gimp-2.0 binary it looks like we just link libgimpthumb into gimp-2.0, and let plug-ins link with it if they want, so it is pure implementation.

How do you get permission to move GIMP code from GPL into LGPL?

Basically we do this so rarely that is hasn't been a problem so far to get permissions from everyone who touched the code in question.

Following what you (Sven) said in the previous mail, it also seems like the libgimp parts are independent of the original code, and calls the original functions via a PDB proxy, so licence issues wouldn't come into it.

May I ask why you are asking these questions?

I imagine it's because he wants to do the same thing... just a wild guess.


Dave Neary

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