Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> My understanding came from looking at libgimpthumb

Well, I was talking about libgimp explicitely since I think that's
what the question was all about. Of course libgimpbase, libgimpcolor,
libgimpmath, libgimpthumb and libgimpwidgets play a completely
different role here. These libraries contain code that is shared
between the core and plug-ins. Still most of this code has been
developed in the libraries and was never before part of the GIMP
core. libgimpthumb is an exception here but it has been written from
scratch with the intention to move it into a library eventually. Same
is true for the GimpUnitComboBox that I recently added to the core but
already noted that it's supposed to end up in libgimpwidgets as soon
as it's full-featured and the API has settled.

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