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Does code in app ever get moved into libgimp? In what cases and who decides?

A recent example of code that was moved from the main app to libgimp is libgimpthumb. The decision process behind this is documented in a bugzilla report (if you search in the GIMP product, including resolved and closed bugs, with "thumbnail" in the search criteria, you should find it - unfortunately at this precise moment bugzilla is down, otherwise I'd do it an include a link).

I honestly am not sure what the process for moving code to libgimp is... essentially it is just moving the code to a library, and then adding a wrapper (if required) around those functions to expose them to the PDB.

Related question, what tools use libgimp without GIMP?

To the best of my knowledge, none. There was one person about a year ago who wanted to write a GIMP PDB for batch processing, but I don't know what happened to him. There isn't a whole lot of utility code that can be used independent of the PDB (I suppose the GimpWidgets are pretty handy).


Dave Neary

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