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Since I migrated to Gimp 2.0.1. I noticed are a few little things you have 
apparently changed but I don't really understand why.
Here are but 2:
1. Whenever I click on the 'Insert Text' Button, the foreground color as well 
as the color for the text itself changes to black. Though it is possible to 
use another color it is much more complicated than before (1.2.2). Why?
I often pick a color out of the picture with this little colorpickertool and 
then insert text in this color that matches another in the picture. Black is 
the least I would use. But now this is complicated and rather a pain. Does 
this change have any purpose I just don't see? Anyway, if it doesn't, can you 
change that back in the next release?

2. The new 'Crop' tool is not as simple as the old. Formerly there used to be 
a border that opens and you could drag the corners around until they finally 
matched what you wanted and then you pressed the crop button. There was a 
shortcut too. (Ctrl+c?) Now the shortcut seems to be gone and there are no 
longer dragable corners. You have to use rectangular selection instead which 
doesn't have this. (Or does it?) And when I choose 'crop' in the menu, there 
is a new selection just slightly smaller than the picture over almost the 
entire crop. I can't really see the purpose for that. The cropped image seems 
to be slightly larger than the area I actually selected too.

I hope you understand those thoughts being constructive criticism or stupidity 
on my side. It is not meant to be bad or something and I have the greatest 
respect and thanks for all the developers of gimp.


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