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(Nothing to say about your first point)

> 2. The new 'Crop' tool is not as simple as the old. Formerly there used to be 
> a border that opens and you could drag the corners around until they finally 
> matched what you wanted and then you pressed the crop button. There was a 
> shortcut too. (Ctrl+c?) Now the shortcut seems to be gone and there are no 
> longer dragable corners.

I think the shortcut is Shift-C, and I don't think that changed.
You also can assign a different shortcut when enabling "dynamic keyboard
shortcuts" in the preferences, hovering your mouse over 
Tools->Transform Tools->Crop & Resize  and press the new shortcut.

Also I don't think that there something has fundamentally changed in the
handling of the tool itself. It surely still has the edges (for resizing
and moving the rectangle). I don't know what happens for you there.

Maybe try again? And if it really doesn't work describe more clearly
what you are doing and what is different from what you expect.

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