>From: Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>I don't see how this could be useful in an image manipulation context.
>If implemented for a program primarily intended for vector stuff
>(Skencil, Sodipodi) this might be very helpful, but in GIMP the primary
>goal for now is to create pixel based images - which is notoriously bad
>for above mentioned technical drawings.

OK. The "p54-freeman-benson.pdf" paper has an example on musical
notations (second page). GIMP could have similar plugins providing
that kind of editor and renderings. It doesn't need to be
limited to musical notations but text could work as well.
The constraints system would make it easier to make automatically
room for the letters and icons when they are inserted.

Note that Cinepaint has added a vector data layer. That layer
could be saved within the image file and plugins could use the
vector data layer as input. If such layer is implemented in GIMP,
it opens many new possibilities:

E.g., I could have a constraint based tool for arranging photos
on a virtual desktop. The photos on the desk would not overlap.
For the photo which I grab and drag, the constraint system would
make a room on the desk by moving other images. In this case
the vector layer would contain image objects (polygons).

Of course, even simplest tool such as unirectangle selection tool
would benefit: in the tool, when mouse button is pressed first time,
I would create a rectangular polygon with the grabbed vertex
constrained to the pointer and all other vertexes constrained to the
grabbed vertex. In the crop tool, where the polygon stays active
for longer time, grabbing would change the constraints depending
on what is grabbed and moved.

BTW, the multitrack audio editor Ardour includes Cassowary
constraints library. It looks like it is not used at all,
but the plans and some tests were done at 2003 Jan/Feb for
constraining audio pieces during some editing tasks.
The discussions were archived at sourceforge but I could
not find them anymore as Ardour moved to ardour.org. I did read
the mails from my private archives. I have mentioned Qoca but
Cassowary seems to work as well.

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