On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Carol Spears wrote:

> > > Carol Spears wrote:
> > > > since day one with the gimp, everytime i want to get the info dialog i
> > > > first search the Image Menu.  my reasoning is "Image -->Info".  i am
> > > > really not thinking of viewing anything, more like knowing ....
> >
> > I always though of 'File, Properties' (or 'File, Get Info' because there
> > is lots of kinds of file metadata, not specifcally related to the image
> > drawable.
> >
> i can see the logic of "File -->Info" i just never thought that way
> myself.
> i always want "Image Info", and the truth is, this dialog is so limited
> that it is still quicker to get the scale tool and pop up the scale
> dialog to get the width and height information which is usually what i
> am looking for.
> crap, i am working so much on web pages with my wysmythingie (mozilla)
> that it is actually (truthfully) quicker to right click on the image and
> load that into the web browser for the height and width information.

I've gotten into the habit of hovering over the bottom right corner and
rounding up to figure out the image size.

I'm thinking if we are both finding it a little bit awkward to quickly
know the image dimensions then it is unlikely that we are the only ones
and that it would be something worth improving.

Perhaps additional information in the status bar messages showing the
selection dimensions and offsets would work?  (Shown as a standard
transient message, I am definately not advocating permanently grabbing a
chunk of the statusbar.)  I think, I hope something non-intrusive and
relatively trivial could be done to make things a little bit easier,
ideas?  Should I file a request for enhancement?

- Alan
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