* Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [040430 12:17]:
> Well, all the information that belongs to a drawable and/or image
> object should be object properties. This would be width, height, mode
> (RGB/Gray/Indexed), unit ... Having this information accessible (at
> least readable) via the GObject property system will make it a lot
> easier to write a more or less generic property dialog.
> > And for informational purposes, what's involved (in general) in
> > converting a type object attribute to a generic GObject attribute? A
> > link to a decent doc would probably do, if you had one handy.
> A must-read for every core GIMP hacker:
>  http://le-hacker.org/papers/gobject/

The parameters to GEGL filters, ops etc. will also be gobject properties,
this makes it much easier not only to automatically create UI's, but also
to dynamically add functionality, since the api provided can be queried
at run-time.

If GEGL Op's are to be the new default way of adding most plug-ins, most
of the dialog code will probably disapperar,. or be a special case,.
where a default ui that is a list of properties with the appropriate
widgets for changing color, browsing for a file, selecting a drawable
etc. can be defined.

/Øyvind K.

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