Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > is it easy to change the info plugin to show also in the Image Menu?
> No, not really... the menu entries are all defined in
> app/gui/image-menu.c and for consistency there are files containing
> the callbacks (the functions called when you select a menu item) for
> each submenu in <menu name>-commands.[ch] (so, for example, the info
> window calback is in view-commands.c).

That's not accurate any longer. With current CVS the menu entry in
question is defined in menus/image-menu.xml and it is trivially
changed even by non-hackers.

There is also a plan for adding an "Image Attributes" or "Image
Properties" dialog and extending the already existing "Layer
Attributes" (and similar) dialogs. A prerequisite for this is to make
all this stuff object properties. This is a nice task for a volunteer
who wants to get into GIMP core hacking. Let me know if you are

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