Hi Branko,

Thanks for your reply.

While I love the flexibility the separate windows of the GIMP software
provide.  A friend and I think it would be very useful to have a "single
window" styled layout (as well as the present flexible window position
interface), where all GIMP child windows are within a core GIMP window.
I think this is called MDI (Multiple Document Interface).  This style
of interface is common in proprietary gfx software we have used.

My friend and I are thinking Â50 (UKP) each donation so far (I know not
much, but we don't have a lot to spare.. if others would donate it could
be increased).  If there is support for this idea, I could email the
gimp-users list and ask if others would like to donate for this feature.

I wonder if there are any programmers (way 2 below) who would like some
donated money to work on this style of window layout..?

Alternatively we would be happy to donate to (way 1 below) the GIMP
group, if this new layout idea could be worked on in the group.

Let me know what you think.

Kind regards


on the 01/05/04 13:23, Branko Collin wrote:
On 1 May 2004, at 11:02, J. Grant wrote:

I wonder if there is any way I can donate money towards
development of a specific feature addition in GIMP?

Hello J.,

I guess there are two ways:

1) Unconditionally donate money to the group. This may buy you goodwill, and it will enable GIMP developers to get together on GIMP conferences, which may help the progress of the project in general. However, it won't influence directly the creation of the feature you want.

2) Find a developer (not necesarilly an existing GIMP developer) who will create the feature for you.

Note that even in case 2, there is absolutely no guarantee that the feature will be folded into the GIMP tree that is developed by the people on this list.

For that, you would probably need to convince the people on this list that your feature is useful, and your developer will have to make sure (s)he sticks by the rules of adding code to the tree.

Of course, having the code remain outside the GIMP may be exactly what you want. In that case, your task is just to find a developer. There used to be websites where you could hook up with such coders (sort of like dating sites :-)), but I don't seem to be able to flex my renowned Google skills this very moment and find some for you.

If you would like to have something developed that can be used by others (i.e. free software), please tell us what you want.

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