Pedro Gimeno Fortea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> (3) the windows that are below it are not hidden by the application

But that's _the_ major advantage of the current user interface. It
allows you to easily use GIMP together with other applications such as
web browser and file managers.

> Taskbar grouping doesn't help since when you click on the taskbar
> button what you get is a menu of windows to choose from. It reduces
> the cluttering of the taskbar but does not allow raising all windows
> at once.

It does so here (using sawfish). IMO it would be a major regression if
the individual GIMP windows would not any longer be accessible via the
taskbar. That's the nice thing about taskbar grouping. You get a
single item in the taskbar that represents the application but you can
still easily access a specific GIMP window.

> > Another argument is that we would certainly not want to drop the  
> > current user interface since it works well for a lot of people. So
> I seriously doubt that any user would object against having WiW in the  
> preferences.

That's not my point. But adding WiW to the GIMP code will almost
certainly add a level of complexity to to the user interface code. Let
alone the fact that noone has yet come up with a proposal on how
plug-in dialogs should be handled.

> > the WiW feature would have to implemented transparently for the rest  
> > of the application and doing this will be very difficult.
> I don't think it would be so difficult actually, as it's just a matter  
> of reparenting windows.

Eeek, reparenting :( Reparenting should IMHO be avoided. It will break
code that relies on gtk_widget_get_toplevel() working properly.

> I am making an experiment about transient windows. It is not
> window-in- window but uses a background window similarly to what
> "Deweirdifier" does. If it works well, maybe I can make the patch
> available as an attachment to bug #7379. Here's the result:
> http://perso.wanadoo.es/p.gimeno/temp/bgw-screenshot-1024.png

I don't understand this screenshot; it seems to just add another
window. What's the advantage?

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