Pedro Gimeno Fortea <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Making them transient for the application window would be enough; it's  
> not necessary for them to be inside the app window. Only windows which  
> are "permanent" need to be: image windows, docks and such. However I  
> don't know if a window in a separate process can be made transient for  
> the application window. Probably not. But then, leaving them free is  
> not so troublesome as long as the permanent windows are not.

If you read the ICCCM specification you will notice that the transient
relationship is not meant to be used like this. Please don't get me
wrong, I am not saying that we shouldn't attempt an optional WiW user
interface but I think your approach is not a good solution. It abuses
a window manager hint and it only works on certain window managers.
With a different window manager like for example metacity, yout change
will break window positioning. Also a lot of window managers decorate
transient windows in a way that makes the windows appear as temporary
popup windows (that's what the ICCCM spec says what transient is all
about). Some WMs don't decorate the window at all, some window
managers keep transient windows above, others don't. This makes GIMP
more or less unusable. The fact that it somehow works with your WM
doesn't make this an approach that is worth following.

> > Eeek, reparenting :( Reparenting should IMHO be avoided. It will  
> > break code that relies on gtk_widget_get_toplevel() working properly.
> If that code is in the GIMP then it would have to be changed of course; 

That code could very well be in a third-party plug-in where it can't
be changed. I don't think we can break the assumption that GIMP
windows appear as toplevel windows at the GTK+ level. So the right
approach is to embed the GIMP windows at a lower level, like
Xnest. This would be a platform-specifc solution but that's IMHO the
only way to implement this reliably. I think it should be possible to
come up with reasonable approaches for the different platforms we
support. Actually the Mac OS X users will probably not desire this
"feature" at all since all Mac applications behave like GIMP currently
does. What the Mac people are asking for is to have the image and
toolbox menus merged into a menubar at the top of the screen.

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