Stephan Menzel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> gimptool caused problems during configure and I tried several
> workarounds that seemed to work in the first place but this was some
> kind of wishful thinking.
> > I did not have time to look at the patch at sourceforge, but it seems like
> > Stephan is linking with the old version of the libgimp libraries. The
> > obvious solution is to simply use the outputs from gimptool-2 instead of my
> > hacked version. I am afraid that I don't have the time right now to suggest
> > a good solution (anyhow I don't have Gimp-2 installed, so I can't test any
> > modifications).

The best thing is not to use gimptool at all but to use pkg-config.
For a plug-in that has a user interface, you'd use this:

 pkg-config --cflags gimpui-2.0
 pkg-config --libs gimpui-2.0

For a plug-in that just needs libgimp, the following should work:

 pkg-config --cflags gimp-2.0
 pkg-config --libs gimp-2.0

If you want to use libgimpthumb, you can use this:

 pkg-config --cflags gimpui-2.0 gimpthumb-2.0
 pkg-config --libs gimpui-2.0 gimpthumb-2.0

You should get the idea. If not, have a look at the pkg-config

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